Cross-server gameplay is coming soon!2019-06-26 17:46:30

Your highness,

Legend of Empress is about to add cross-server gameplay to the game. Players will soon be able to combat and chat with other players from different servers. 

National Martial Contest - The Cross-Server Arena

The cross-server arena will be available after this update. At that time, your highness will be able to battle with players from other servers!


Tap ‘Agenda’ on the main board to find the entrance to the arena.


Your highness will have to defeat powerful opponents from other servers in order to become the final champion.


And of course, there are plenty of rewards for participating in the competition. If you become a champion, you can also get an exclusive title.


Your highness can cheer for other players from your server, your support can increase their maximum HP, give them more advantages in battle.


Cross-Server Chat


The cross-server chat system will also be open along with the cross-server arena. Your highness will be able to communicate with players from other servers in game using the cross-server channel in your chat board.


Cross-Server Flowers


Your highness will also be able to send flowers to players from other servers. Start a romantic relationship with new friends!


Cross-server gameplay is coming soon!

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