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The latest version of Legend of Empress allows your highness to keep adorable pets! However, It may be easy to adopt a pet, but it's not that easy to take care of it. So let Yuexiu give your highness a detailed description of how to take better care of your pets.


A pet has various of attributes, which will increase with its level.


Each pet also has four Qualities, which are HP quality, ATK quality, DEF quality, and AGI quality. Your highness can use Quality Pill to cultivate the quality of your pets.


When your pet reach a certain level, it can even help you take care of your heir and garden.


The Growth Point is very important, it determines the growth potential of your pet, the higher the better. But your highness don't need to care about the initial growth points of your pet. With our cultivation, the growth points will continue to increase.





The pets we adopt from the forest are all wild pets, whose growth points are generally very low. However, your highness can use Rainbow Stone to refine them. Refining a pet is likely to give it high growth points and increase its overall assessment.


The pet will go back to birth status after refinement. All the attributes, levels, and skills will be reset. It is suggested that your highness refine a pet before actually cultivating it, or our resources and time may be wasted. 



A pet can have one active skill and at most seven passive skills.


Active Skill


Each pet has multiple exclusive active skills, but only one of them is randomly acquired at birth.


Your highness can increase the level of the active skill to boost its effect. Your highness can also use Bond Heart to refresh the active skill. The new skill will retain the experience and level of the original skill.


Passive Skills


Passive skills can be learned by studying skill books. Skill books are divided into three levels: lesser, medium, and advanced. Since studying new skills may cover Pets' existing skills, it is suggested that your highness should first use lesser and medium skill books to learn seven skills, then cover them with advanced skill books.




To cultivate a powerful pet, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in all aspects of attributes.

If you want to greatly improve the strength of your pet, your highness also need to rely on the Inscription.


There are six types of inscriptions, each of which has a maximum level of 9. By collecting all six types of inscriptions of the same level and embedding them in the Nexus, we can upgrade the level of inscriptions.


Powerful pets must have handsome looks. When the level of inscription is upgraded to level 4 and 7, the pet's appearance will change accordingly. Want to know what the cute pets will be like? Go collect the inscriptions from the Pets Challenge!





Your highness can inlay Spirit into the pet's spirit slot to increase its attributes. The number of spirit slots of a pet is determined by its overall assessment and inscription level.


Three identical Spirits can be synthesized into a higher level Spirit.




Our pet can be a helpful companion on the battleground. We can add a pet to our battle lineup to increase the might of our team.  


Your highness can also tap Reinforce to assign two pets to give a buff to our embattled pet.



Daily Bonus

Your highness can buy pet related items in the Daily Bonus. The first purchase of each day is free.


Your highness will attain bonus points when purchasing in Daily Bonus, which can be used to exchange useful items. 



That's all about the Pet system. Let's go adopt a pet now!

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