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Your highness,


The pets in Legend of Empress are so adorable that Yuexiu can't help but adopt one. I believe your highness must also want a pet. Currently, there are six pets in Legend of Empress, each of them has its own features. Today, Yuexiu will give you a detailed description of their respective characteristics, so that you can choose a pet that suits you.



Vixen's qualities are more balanced than other pets’. It has neither particularly prominent attributes nor particularly weak attributes.


Vixen has three active skills, which are Flowery Waves, Flushing Face, and Mirage. Flushing Face and Mirage are Epic skills, both deal damage to vertical enemies. Flushing Face could silence target enemies for two rounds, while Mirage could increase EVA rate of our team for two rounds.




Racoon is a likeable chubby little thing, and is very reliable in battle. Racoon is a defender, Its HP quality and DEF quality are higher than other pets.


The epic skills of Racoon are Tipsy Companion and Age of Poetry, both are support skills. Tipsy Companion could add a shield to each ally, which can absorb damage and deal damage to enemies when the shield is broken. Age of Poetry could make all allies immune to debuffs for two rounds, and reflect a certain percent of damage for one round.




Kitten has beautiful blue eyes and exudes elegance all over its body. Kitten has the highest AGI quality and HP quality among current pets, and has a medium ATK quality and a poor DEF quality. Kitten is an assassin, we should choose its position wisely on the battleground.


The epic skills of Kitten are Shadow Raider and Glorious Nimbus. These two skills both have powerful control effects and deal decent damage at the same time. Shadow Raider has a high possibility to stun all enemies for two rounds, and Shadow Raider could clear all buffs on enemies for one round and enable them to sleep for two rounds. 




Owl is the only flying pet in the current game. The grown up Owl is the king of the night, has a very mighty appearance.


Its attributes are well balanced, which make it no obvious weakness. Its epic skills are Startled Phoenix and Arcane Hope, both deal damage to horizontal enemies. Startled Phoenix could boost the damage output of all allies for three rounds. Arcane Hope could decrease the maximum defense of horizontal enemies for three rounds, it requires a perfect timing to maximize its effect.




Bunny is a soft and fluffy little thing, giving people a desire to protect it. But it can also become a powerful companion on the battleground. It has high ATK quality, your highness could consider adopting it if you want a high DPS pet.


The epic skills of Bunny are Mysterious Ambush and Gracefulness. Both of them deal damage to cross enemies and add buff to all allies. The former skill could increase the max ATK of all allies for 3 rounds, the latter one could increase the CRIT of all allies and itself for 1 round.


Baby Chick


The Baby Chick, still hung with eggshells, may look very weak, but has extremely high ATK quality.


Its three active skills are all epic skills, which are Standing Rooster, Arrogation, and Crowing Rooster. Standing Rooster deals damage to vertical enemies and decrease their maximum defense for three rounds; Arrogation deals damage to cross enemies and decrease their HP; Crowing Rooster deals damage to horizontal enemies, and the enemies hit by this skill will die immediately once their HP drops to a certain percentage, lasting two rounds.


After reading the introduction above, your highness must have her own ideas about which pet to choose. Vixen is a good choice for you if you want a high EVA rate in battle; Racoon is the best choice for defensive line up; Kitten’s powerful skills could help you turn the tables; the high ATK of Bunny and Baby Chick can bring us great advantages on the battlefield; the well balanced Owl is suitable for any lineup.


Of course, your highness still have to choose the right pet according to your Position, lineup, tactics, and opponents to achieve the best combat results!

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