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Good news! Tons of comeback rewards are giving away in the Legend of Empress now! Yue Xiu can’t wait to show you the detail of the reward package.

Comeback Rewards

Log in the game to claim the comeback gift pack!

The packaging including:  Stamina Pill*20, Energy Pill*10, Double EXP Pill*20, Super Exp Pill*5 and the Floral Fragrance costume.



Login Bonus

Log in the game every day to collect the according bonus!

Day1: Summoning Token*15, Stamina Pill*10, Elite Equipment Box*5, Gloom Doctrine*30, Talents Exp Pack*30, Super Resource Pack*2

Day2: Summoning Token*15, Advanced Conferral Token*30, Spiritual Stone, Gloom Doctrine*30, Talents Exp Pack*30, Super Resource Pack*2

Day3: Summoning Token*15, Iron*30, Epic Essence*2, Ink Scripture*20, Ethereal Stone*5, Super Resource Pack*2

Day4: Summoning Token*15, Stamina Pill*10, Lv.6 Gem Box*1, Ink Scripture*20, Divine Conferral Token*5, Super Resource Pack*2

Day5: Summoning Token*15, Iron*30, Epic Essence*2, Ink Scripture*20, Ethereal Stone*5, Super Resource Pack*2    

Day6: Summoning Token*15, Stamina Pill*10, Omnipotent Hero Shard*25, Ink Scripture*20, Ethereal Stone*10, Super Resource Pack*2

Day7: Summoning Token*30, Divine Conferral Token*15, Omnipotent Hero Shard*3, Celestial Stone*3, Aerosiderite*2, Super Resource Pack*5

Your highness can collect the certain amount of the items according to the days that you kept logging in.


After going through the ups and downs, do you still remember the dreams you made in the palace ? Come back now, Yue Xiu is here waiting for you!

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