• [Gameplay]Brand-new Fabled Equipment - Update Preview03-24

    We‘ll face countless slings & arrows inevitably while chasing a higher promotion in the palace. With loyal heroes protect us though, a whole set of mighty equipment is indispensable also. The upcoming new fabled equipment would make your heroes more powerful definitely.

  • [Gameplay]Happy New Year——Update Preview01-02

    New Year is coming, Yuexiu here wishes you all the best. In order to celebrate the New Year of Rat, Yuexiu brings a new update in Legend of Empress. Let‘s have a quick look.

  • [Gameplay]Update Preview - Equipment Refine & Cape11-06

    An update for Legend of Empress is on the way! New equipment type cape and brand new equipment refine system will help your highness increase your might to a new level!

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide - Shiniang: Unyielding geissha10-11

    Shiniang was a humble woman who was unyielding when facing oppression. Her strong spirit is praised by many generations. In Legend of Empress, Shiniang becomes an Epic Chef. Please allow Yuexiu to introduce this legend lady to your highness.

  • [Gameplay]The Good Omen-Divination Guide09-29

    Your Highness, Divination is a new gameplay in the Palace and some of you may not familiar with it. Today, Yue Xiu will bring you this Divination Guide to show you how to make the most of it.

  • [Gameplay]Update Preview - Divination & Palace Strategies & New Hero09-20

    A new update for Legend of Empress is on the way! This update includes Divination system, Palace Strategies and a new Epic Hero. Let‘s have a look!

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide - Lu You: The Patriotic Poet09-11

    Lu You was an infamous poet who lived in the Southern Song dynasty. He was very talented, wrote nearly 10,000 poems in his life. Although his career in the court has been frustrating, he has always been concerned about the country, and his noble patriotism has been praised by the nation for generations.

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide- Prince Jing: Upright & Brave09-05

    Prince Jing was a young and ambitious lord in Song Dynasty who was capable of governing and military training. Even though he had been once banished, his heart was always full of determination and justice.

  • [Gameplay]Spread Your Fame - Fame System & Passive Skill08-30

    Many new contents have been added to Legend of Empress in the recent update. Among them, Yuexiu believes the Fame System and Passive Skill must be what you concern most. Today, let‘s see how do they work!

  • [Gameplay]Update Preview: Fame & Passive Skills08-23

    It has been some time since the last update of the game, your highness must be expecting for something new. Yuexiu is here to inform your highness that a new gameplay - fame system - is going to be added to the game in the upcoming update!