The Good Omen-Divination Guide2019-09-29 18:10:18

Your Highness, 

Divination is a new gameplay in the Palace and some of you may not familiar with it. Today, Yue Xiu will bring you this Divination Guide to show you how to make the most of it.

Palace Strategies


The Rewards you get from Palace Strategies are important materials for Hero Divination. Palace Strategies has four layers with 9 stages on each layer. It refreshes at 00:00 every morning and your highness get 12 free chances to challenge everyday.You can start from the left three roads to the right and claim the check after you cleared each layer. Please be note that attacked player will retain the remaining HP, so you can attack multiple times.





To obtain the Trigram, you can use the material that you collect from the Palace Strategies to exchange in the Divination shop. However, You can only obtain the Trigram I to Trigram III from the Divination shop.


For the Trigram IV to Trigram VII, you need to use Divination Materials and Eight Trigram Atlas to combine a new Trigram before you can inlay it to the Trigram slot.

Activate the Trigrams:

After inlaying the eight Trigrams, you can use the Divition Records to activate the attribute of the Trigrams. The Divition records can be aqcuired in the Palace Strategies and the Divition Shop.



You can refine the attributes to maximize the Divination attributes. Two to Five attributes will be changed after the refining. You can choose to save them if necessary.


Each stage has at most five attributes. You can preview the highest attributes available for your current stage.


There 20 different Divination attributes, with maximum 5 for each stage. Remember to choose the Divination attributes wisely so your hero can raise the higher might.


8 Basic Attributes: ATK, DEF, HP, AGI, CRIT, RES, ACC, EVA;

4 Increase Attributes: DMG Increase, DMG Increase, CRIT DMG Increase, CRIT DMG Decrease;

4 Status Attributes: Anti-Infighting, Anti-Dispel, Anti-Stun, Anti-Sleep

4 Strengthen Attributes: Infighting, Dispel, Stun, Sleep.


We are already very familiar with Basic Attributes and Increase Attributes, but Status Attributes and Strengthen Attributes are new to us. Please allow Yuexiu to introduce them to your highness.


The 4 Status Attributes can be used for all heroes and main characters.


However, there is limitation on using the 4 strengthen Attributes, which is you can only acquire these attributes when your heroes' or main characters' skills have these 4 attributes.


For instance, the Dispel Attribute would be only useful for the heroes like Song Yu whose skills can dispel the buffs of the enemies.


That's all for the Divination guide. Let's have a try in the game and show your charm in the battle!

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