• [Gameplay]Know Your Pet - Baby Chick08-16

    The Baby Chick was very cute when it was born with an egg shell on it. It may seem weak, but those who underestimate it will definitely pay the price.

  • [Gameplay]Guide For Six Pets08-09

    The pets in Legend of Empress are so adorable that Yuexiu can‘t help but adopt one. I believe your highness must also want a pet. Currently, there are six pets in Legend of Empress, each of them has its own features. Today, Yuexiu will give you a detailed description of their respective characteristics, so that you can choose a pet that suits you.

  • [Gameplay]Detailed Introduction of Pets in Legend of Empress08-02

    The latest version of Legend of Empress allows your highness to keep adorable pets! However, It may be easy to adopt a pet, but it‘s not that easy to take care of it. So let Yuexiu give your highness a detailed description of how to take better care of your pets.

  • [Gameplay]Update Preview: Cute Pets Are Coming!07-29

    A new update for Legend of Empress is on the way! This update will bring many features to the game, let‘s have a quick look!

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide-Ying Zheng: The Eternal King07-19

    Ying Zheng was the first emperor in Chinese history. He unified the six countries, founded the Qin Dynasty and built the Great Wall, which had a far-reaching impact on later generations.

  • [Gameplay]Babel Tower Guide - Break Your Limits07-12

    The recently added Babel Tower is a challenging dungeon formed by many layers. The rewards for cleaning a layer may contain Stars, Star Atlas, Star Origin, etc.

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide-Genghis Khan: The Peerless King of His Day07-06

    Genghis Khan was the founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. He conquered many lands and was ever defeated on the battleground.

  • [Gameplay]Cross-server gameplay is coming soon!06-26

    Cross-server gameplay is coming soon!

  • [Gameplay]New Update Preview: Star&Might06-21

    This upcoming update will add several new features to the game, now let’s have a quick look at them!

  • [Gameplay]Hero Guide-Lyu Zhi: The First Empress06-13

    Lyu Zhi was the consort of Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, and was the first woman to assume the title Empress of China.