Spread Your Fame - Fame System & Passive Skill2019-08-30 10:39:03

Your Highness,


Many new contents have been added to Legend of Empress in the recent update. Among them, Yuexiu believes the Fame System and Passive Skill must be what you concern most. Today, let's see how do they work!

Your highness can check the Fame and Passive Skill on the character training screen.




From low to high, your fame can be divided into ten classes: Unknown(initial), Inexperienced, Notable, Famous, Renowned, Famed, Reputable, Celebrated, Household Name, and World Famous.


Your highness can use Fame Token to upgrade your Fame Class. Upgrading your Fame Class increases your basic attributes. When your Fame reaches World Famous, you will gain Character Quality +1 and Star +1.


Fame Token ca be obtained through challenging Fame Instance.


Passive Skill


Passive Skill will be unlocked when your character level reaches LV 80. Passive Skill can be exchanged with pieces attained from Fame Instance. You must reach certain Fame Class in order to learn passive skill.


According to their trigger conditions, Passive Skills can be divided into three types:


Fate: Triggered when HP reaches a certain degree in the round;

Bond: Triggered when the round starts;

Origin-Returning: Triggered when attacked.


You may be curious: With so many passive skills, which one should I choose? Yuexiu suggests you to choose Mighty Weaves if you are a Guard or a Chef, for this skill increases your DEF. For Scholars and Physicians, Dance of Cavalry is recommended to increase your ATK.


Please be noted that you can only equip one passive skill at a time.


You can Upgrade and Lv Up your passive skill by consuming passive skill books.

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