Wish Interactive Integrity Clause2020-05-06 17:10:57



The Clause made by Wish Interactive Technology Limited in order to maintain a clean and fair game environment.


II、Conditions for Normal Refunds:

1. If you choose to require refund, according to our Terms of Services, you shall timely contact the Customer Service or inform our company to deduct corresponding Top-up Income . If you choose to require refund, please contact our customer service within 7 days from the purchase date. Our customer service can process the refund only if the ingots, virtual Items and the privilege you gained by purchase haven’t been used yet.
Refund cannot be processed when:  

① The ingots you gained by purchase have been consumed in game.

② The Privilege Pack you purchased after your VIP Level has been promoted by the corresponding purchase behavior.

③ You have claimed the rewards of the corresponding purchase events.


III、Definition of invalid Refunds:

1. All kinds of Refund Requests must be submitted to our Customer Service. Refund requests are valid only if they have been successfully processed by Customer Service.

2. Invalid refunds include the following conditions:

① Refund without permission of Customer Service.

② Refund through any unauthorized third party without permission of Customer Service.

③ Refund even if knowing the refund request does not comply with the above refund terms after consulting Customer Service.


IV、Handling Rules for Invalid Refunds:

1. The accounts which have been refunded successfully through any unauthorized third party would be frozen. (including but not limited to be frozen)

2. Wish Interactive Technology Limited reserve the final interpretation rights of the above handling rules.

3. Wish Interactive Technology Limited is not liable for the entire loss of the accounts which have been frozen for invalid refund.


                                                                                                                Date of the Announcement:  6th of May, 2020

                                                                                                                Date of the Effective Clause:  6th of May, 2020

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