FAQ 01-Character2019-02-18 15:05:45

Yue Xiu collects some frequent asked questions from the players. Today, Yue Xiu would like to share your highness with the character part.


Q: How many professions in Legend of Empress?

A: There are 4 professions. They are the Scholar(Damage Dealer), Guard(Tank), Chef(Support) and Physician(Controller)


Q: How many skills does each character possess?

A: 4 active skill (Choose only one) and 2 compulsory passive skills.

You can consume Skill Experience to upgrade the skills.


Q: How does the main character's outfit change?

A: Click on the character's head or click the Costume at the bottom left to change the outfit.


Q: What is Costume?

A: In addition to changing the appearance of the character, Costumes can also enhance the property of the character.

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