FAQ 03-Heroes2019-02-22 13:58:07

Yuexiu has received some question from players, and today Yue Xiu would like to answer the questions about Heroes.


Q: What is the profession of Heroes?

A: It is the same as your avatar, including Scholar-Damage Dealer, Physician-Controller, Chef-Support, Guard-Tank.


Q: What about heroes' skills?

A: Each hero is equipped with 1 active skill and 2 passive skills.


Q: What about the quality of heroes?

A: Heroes' quality are divided into orange, purple, blue, green and white, orange>purple>blue>green>white.


Q: How many heroes can I deploy in my team?

A: You can deploy 4 heroes at most fighting with your character.


Q: How to collect Shard of heroes?

A: There are 3 methods to collect Shard:

     (1) Summon your heroes in Summon;

     (2) Finish the battle storyline in Quest;

     (3) Get in Mall, Encounter and Biography.

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