Update Preview - Equipment Refine & Cape2019-11-06 17:48:57

Your Highness,


An update for Legend of Empress is on the way! New equipment type cape and brand new equipment refine system will help your highness increase your might to a new level!

New Equipment: Cape


The sixth equipment slot will be unlocked after the update. Your highness will be able to equip with capes to further improve your character's might.


Like other equipment, a cape can be enhanced, upgraded, inherited, and inlaid with gems to increase its power. It is as important as your other equipment, don't forget to equip yourself with a good cape after the update!


Equipment Refine


The Equipment Refine system will be added to the game after the upcoming update. Equipment whose quality is Epic and above can be refined to increase its attributes and might.


To refine a piece of equipment will consume a certain amount of Refine Stones. The refined equipment will gain Refine Attributes, which can be used to replace its current attributes and increase its might.


Your highness can lock one or more current attributes before refining the equipment, the type of the locked attributes will stay the same after refining. 


Wisdom & Power


Revival limited summon 'Wisdom & Power' will soon be available! Seize this chance to recruit two powerful fabled heroes!


Above is the main content of this update. Follow us on FB and stay tuned for more information!

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